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15 Black Liquid Eyeliners for Perfectly-Sharp Wings Every Time

15 Best Black Liquid Eyeliners 2022 for DaggerSharp Wings All Day Long

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Trends come and go, but winged liner has withstood the tests of time — I mean, who doesn't enjoy a great cat-eye. The quickest way to get the sharpest wings, of course, is with one of the best black liquid eyeliners around. The thin, inky liquid is the best formula, and the best part is that you have plenty of options to choose from, according to New York City-based makeup artist Jamie Dorman. "You can either go with a pen eyeliner where the formula flows through a brush tip or the inkwell style where you dip an applicator into the product," she says.

For beginners, Dorman says using a pen eyeliner may be easier to create precise lines and designs. When using a pen, Dorman suggests pressing and bending the tip on the back of your hand if you find the flow of product is interrupted to get it going again. One thing to note about eyeliner pens is that if you use too much pressure, expect some smudging and smearing.

If liquid eyeliner pens aren't your jam, don't fret, because Dorman says inkwell liners are an easier option when it comes to controlling the amount of product to use. "If there is too much product on the applicator, simply wipe the applicator on a tissue or a palette to get the exact amount desired," she says.

No matter which type of liner you use for your eye makeup look, Dorman says that slow and steady application is key for sharp, perfect wings. "Line the eye slowly and in thin lines to build thickness gradually," she says. If you do need to clean up your lines, Dorman says to dip a cotton swab in moisturizer and remove the excess product to make your lines thinner and sharper.

Ready to put all of these tips to good use? We rounded up the favorite formulas of professional makeup artists and Allure beauty editors alike. Both groups have tried, tested, and worn many an eyeliner and can truthfully say the below are the best liquid eyeliners around — which is good news since cat-eyes certainly aren't going anywhere anytime soon.

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